We have some exciting news!

Imprint Youth Association is one of two non-profits selected by Women and Gender Equality Canada in February for their LGBTQ2 Projects Fund.
This fund supports LGBTQ2 not-for-profit organizations to develop community-informed projects that address systemic barriers faced by LGBTQ2 people. The funding also supports efforts to address intersectional barriers, including Indigenous, Black, racialized, and rural or remote LGBTQ2 communities.

Our Project: Gender-Affirming Healthcare

This 25-month project will build and strengthen capacity in accessing gender-affirming health care in New Brunswick through the development of a training and mentorship program for primary care providers.
Imprint Youth Association Inc. will achieve this by partnering with health clinics and LGBTQ2 advocacy organizations across the province to facilitate recruitment, training, and information sharing across existing networks in New Brunswick by creating an up-to-date directory of service providers to guide trans people looking for care and developing educational and training materials in urban and rural New Brunswick contexts to allow for continuity once the project is complete.
(Quoted from Women and Gender Equality Canada)